August 7, 2015 - Warren Held

ActiveTcl Teapot can’t create directory permission denied (ActiveState ActiveTcl on Windows)

I was having issues trying to install Expect using ActiveTcl’s Teapot repository.  Everytime I would run “teacup install -v Expect” it would give me an error that it couldn’t create a directory.  For some reason it was trying to create the directory on my employer’s users folder on their network file share.  This is mostly a future reminder for myself, but hopefully someone having this issue will stumble across this.  You can see where it is trying to save these files to by running:

teacup cache status

To change the cache folder run “teacup cache on [dir]”.  For example I ran:

teacup cache on C:/Tcl/lib/teapot/indexcache

After you run that command to change the cache directory, you should be able to install tcl packages using Teacup.

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