December 16, 2011 - Warren Held

Fix “Out of Range” or Blank Screen During Grub Boot Selection

One of the problems I’ve experienced during my journey with Linux (Ubuntu) is a blank screen during the grub boot loader OS selection and while Ubuntu is booting up or down. Once Ubuntu’s desktop loads everything was fine. My monitor displayed the message “Out Of range” during boot which was a telltale sign that either the resolution or refresh rate was set to something that my monitor couldn’t display. I put up with it for a while since all I had to do was hit enter when grub came up and wait little bit for the machine to boot. Then I finally decided to try to fix the problem. All it took was a quick google search. There is a program called StartUp-Manager that allows you to change the grub boot loader resolution. You can easily install it by running:

sudo apt-get install startupmanager

Then start the program and change the resolution to something that your monitor can display.

Linux / Ubuntu