August 21, 2011 - Warren Held

How To Prevent Windows From Restarting After Updating


It is important to keep your Windows up-to-date.  I recommend leaving automatic updates enabled.  The biggest problem with Windows Update is that after it installs updates, it will bring up a notification asking you if you want to reboot now, or postpone it.  If you aren’t at your computer when the updates are installed, and don’t postpone the restart, your computer will reboot and you might lose anything you were working on.  There is a way to effectively disable automatic restarting.

  1. Go to the Start menu and type grpedit.msc (in Windows 7/Vista) or go to Start -> Run and enter grpedit.msc (in Windows XP). Hit enter.
  2. Navigate to Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update
  3. Double-click “No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations”.
  4. Select enabled and click OK
  5. Double-click “re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations”
  6. Click enabled, then enter the number of minutes Windows should wait before re-prompting for a restart.  The maximum you can enter is 1440 minutes (1 day). Click OK.

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