March 14, 2012 - Warren Held

Motorola Droid Razr: “Homescreen Has Stopped Unexpectedly” While Searching Apps

Recently my Motorola Droid Razr Maxx started to show this error every time I go into Apps and hit the search button: “The application Homescreen (process com.motorola.home) has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again.”  The only option is to Force close.  This kicks you out of the apps screen and restarts the homescreen.  It seems like this is a bug introduced in a Google Search update.  To fix the issue you have to go to the Android Market or “Play Store” and search for Google Search.  Go to the app’s page and click uninstall.  This will not uninstall Google Search, it will uninstall the updates for Google Search.  The crashing problem should now be fixed.  Hopefully Google and/or Motorola fix this issue soon.  Important note:  You should also go to the Google Search page in the Play Store and check the do not auto update box otherwise Google Search will update itself and it will start crashing again.

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