February 2, 2012 - Warren Held

Samsung Stratosphere Exchange Error: Temporary Server Error Please Try Again Later

I received the error: “Temporary server error. Please try again later.” while trying to set up a co-worker’s Samsung Stratosphere to sync with our Microsoft Exchange Online e-mail.  It was really odd that it would not connect since I was using the same settings I used to set up all the other Android phones.  Here is the solution:

1. Obviously make sure you have the correct username and password

2. Log in at login.microsoftonline.com and go to your inbox.

3. Check the address bar of your browser. It should say something like “https://by2prd0410.outlook.com/owa/?exsvurl=1%24……..”.  The ********.outlook.com is the server you should use in the exchange settings on the Samsung Stratosphere.

For some reason the Samsung Stratosphere does not figure out the correct server if you use your pod****.outlook.com server.  I think the pod server is supposed to authenticate your credentials and return with the proper configuration settings for your specific server in Microsoft’s cloud.  For some reason the Stratosphere has problems receiving the configuration from the pod server, but it seems to work fine if you manually enter the specific cloud server the mailbox is hosted on.

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