September 10, 2011 - Warren Held

Switch Which Monitors The Desktop Displays On (AMD VISION Engine)

Thought I would post this quickly, hopefully someone with the same problem will find this when doing a search.  I recently purchased an XFX Radeon HD 6950 graphics card, which comes with 5 display ports.  There are two DVI ports, an HDMI port, and two Mini DisplayPorts.  I have my two monitors plugged into the DVI ports, and my TV plugged into the HDMI interface.  Windows kept trying to display my desktop on one of my monitors, and my TV.  I went into Window’s screen resolution settings to try to switch which monitors my desktop were on, but when I clicked on the monitor that wasn’t being used, and set it to extend my desktop to this display and hit apply it said “Unable to save display settings.”  I went into the AMD VISION Engine settings (right click on the desktop, it should be at the top of the list) to see if there were any settings in there that would fix my problem.  The monitor I was trying to get working was a VGA monitor, plugged into a DVI adapter.  I thought maybe the new graphics cards don’t play nice with VGA monitors.  When I went into the “My VGA Displays” tab in the VISION Engine Control Center, however, my VGA monitor was correctly identified.  Then I went under “Common Display Tasks”, and clicked on “Exchange Display”.  This fixed my problem.  For some reason it seems AMD only lets Windows use two displays at once, unless you set up an AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display group.  Or maybe you just can’t have two DVI displays and an HDMI display being output to at once (GPU limitations?).  Either way, hopefully this will help someone.  I was worried my monitor wasn’t going to be compatible with my $250 video card, which would really be a bummer.

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